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Add a note

You can add a librarian note to the Question History of a Full Question to record information about the question for yourself or for other librarians who view the question. The patron will not see the note.

The text field uses a WYSIWYG editor, so that you may format the Librarian Note with colors, indentations, line breaks, hyperlinks, etc. Text pasted from sites that use HTML formatting will be preserved in the Note, with some exceptions to save space. For example: H1 headers are not permitted in the Librarian Notes field. For a list of other exceptions to allowed formatting, please view Send an Answer.

  1. Go to the Full Question.
  2. Click Add Note. QuestionPoint displays the Librarian Note page.
  3. Type or paste your note in the Note box.
  4. Click Add Note.

QuestionPoint displays the Full Question with the note included in the Question History.

 Note: Librarian notes are not included:

  • In e-mail messages sent to patrons
  • In the patron interface


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