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Set up access to text messages

In the QuestionPoint Administration module, you can set up access to messages received via your library's text-messaging service.

Upside Wireless text-messaging service

After signing up with Upside Wireless and setting parameters inside their site as you want them, you can instruct QuestionPoint to get your text messages from Upside Wireless. Every two minutes, QuestionPoint polls the UW site to see if you have any text messages.

With your Upside Wireless login and password in hand, go to the QuestionPoint Administration module and choose the Forms link, then the Forms Manager tab. Texting Configuration is the last section on the page.

The first time you visit this page, you see the option to authenticate your Upside Wireless account in QuestionPoint. You must complete authentication to make the connection between QP and UW.

  1. After clicking on the Authenticate link, enter the username you set up at Upside Wireless and the password assigned to you by UW.
  2. Click Submit.

Your account is validated immediately. After successful validation, when you return to this page, your username displays but not your password.

 Note: If you mistype your username or password, an error message appears: "The username supplied [password] is invalid."

If in the future you change your Upside Wireless username or password at the UW site, you must change the same information in your QuestionPoint account.

  1. Return to the Administration module's Forms Manager.
  2. Choose Change.
  3. Make the change to the same element you changed at the UW site.
  4. Save the change.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to discontinue the connection between the two services:

  • Select Discontinue on the Configure page.

You receive a confirmation page and are warned that you cannot answer any existing text messages if you click Yes.

To reauthenticate:

  • Return to the Forms Manager and select Authenticate.



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