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Provide staff announcements


You can provide announcements in QuestionPoint to keep staff up to date about events and information related to your reference service. Announcements appear on the My QuestionPoint screen that librarians see when they log on to QuestionPoint.

Three types of announcements are available:

  • QuestionPoint announcements appear at the top of the middle section of the My QuestionPoint screen. They are provided by the QuestionPoint team at OCLC for staff in all QuestionPoint libraries.
  • Subscription Group announcements appear below the QuestionPoint announcements. They are provided by a Subscription Group administrator for staff in all the libraries in his or her Subscription Group (BME).
  • Institution announcements appear below Subscription Group announcements. They are provided by an Institution administrator or a Subscription Group administrator for staff in his or her library.

Links to each type of announcement appear above the announcements. Each link includes an update date. If there are no announcements for a type, the link is inactive and indicates that there are none.

If you are an Institution administrator, you can provide:

  • Institution announcements for your library staff

If you are a Subscription Group administrator, you can provide:

  • Subscription Group announcements for staff in all the libraries in your group
  • Institution announcements for your library staff

Work with staff announcements

  1. Navigate to My QuestionPoint.
  2. On the My QuestionPoint screen, review your current announcements.
    • If additions and changes are needed, go to step 3.
    • If none are needed, stop.
  3. From the Quick Links section, click Admin.
  4. On the Administration screen, click Login Announcement. The Login Announcement screen opens and allows you to add and change Institution and Subscription Group announcements.
  5. In the Date box, add or change the date so librarians can see when you updated the announcements.
  6. In the Text box, add or change your announcements.
  7. Click Save. QuestionPoint confirms your changes.
  8. Navigate to My QuestionPoint. Review your additions and changes in the announcements.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 if other additions and changes are needed.

Date box

  • You can include up to 50 characters and spaces in the Date box.
  • Although the intended content of the box is a date, you can enter other content if you wish.
  • You must have content in the Text box in order to save content in the Date box. (If you click the Save button when you have content in the Date box but no content in the Text box, QuestionPoint removes the content in the Date box.)
  • The content of the Date box appears in a gray bar on the My QuestionPoint screen. If the Date box has no content, the gray bar does not appear.

Text box

  • You can include all the characters and spaces needed for your announcements.
  • Enter HTML codes in the Text box to format the content. If you do not enter HTML codes, the content appears as a single paragraph on the My QuestionPoint screen. For example, you could enter <br><br> before each additional paragraph to separate it from the previous paragraph.
  • Make any links that you include in your announcements open in a separate window. For example, you could enter <a href= target="new">Google</a> to include a link to Google that opens in a separate window (target="new").


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