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Setup checklist for email (web form) reference and referral

This checklist is a reference point for the setup tasks for e-mail (web form) reference and referral that are described in this guide. The checklist helps you track your progress as you use this guide to decide which setup tasks to do, confirm those you have already done, and complete those that remain. Most of these tasks also apply to setup for chat and follow-up. If you have done that setup, you have already done most of these. If your group contains two or more libraries, the person who manages QuestionPoint for the group and those who manage it for each library should work together to plan and coordinate their setup tasks. 

Administrator collaboration in a group containing two or more libraries

Institution administrator

  task note
  Permit your Subscription Group administrator to help with setup A

Chat and followup: setup

Subscription Group administrator

  task note
  Turn on shared followup A

Institution administrator

  task note
  Create any needed librarian accounts B
  Confirm that librarians are trained and ready B
  Create scripts for use by your library B
  Remind librarians to create scripts for their personal use B
  Create your library's web question form B
  Verify important profile information B
  Turn on e-mail notices of new questions or followup B
  Customize system-generated e-mail messages sent to patrons B
  Turn on capture of patron replies to system e-mail messages B
  Turn on patron survey form B
  Display links in to your library’s reference service B

Partner (Subscription) referral: setup

Subscription Group administrator

  task note
  Activate the profiles submitted to you by libraries in your group A
  Select the libraries to which the group may refer questions  A

Institution administrator

  task note
  Submit your library’s profile to your group A, B

Partner (Cooperative) referral: setup

Make a Subscription Group public: Subscription Group administrator
Create a Virtual Group: Subscription Group administrator or Institution administrator

  task note
  Form a Cooperative Group  
  Notify prospective members that they can join the group   
  Activate group members  

Join a group: Institution administrator

  task note
  Join a Cooperative Group B


A. Applies only to Subscription Groups with two or more libraries.
B. Subscription Group administrator also does this for his or her own library.


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