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Audience for this guide

This Administrator Setup Guide helps groups and libraries prepare to use the QuestionPoint service.

It was written for you if:

  • You manage the service for a group or library that recently joined QuestionPoint, or
  • You are a 24/7 Reference Supervisor, Super-Supervisor, or Local Supervisor preparing to complete the migration to the QuestionPoint platform.

Purpose of this guide

This guide helps you decide which setup tasks to do, confirm those you have already done, and complete those that remain. It describes the setup tasks needed to:

  • Provide chat service to patrons and follow up on chat sessions
  • Refer questions (or chat transcripts that require further followup) to other libraries or subject-matter experts
  • Provide email reference service for questions submitted through a web form

Collaboration is important

If your group contains two or more libraries, the person who manages QuestionPoint for the group and those who manage QuestionPoint for each library should work together to plan and coordinate the setup tasks.

Troubleshooting and support

  • Document problems that you encounter so you can describe them when you request support.
  • Contact OCLC Support.

Comments, suggestions, feedback

Please send your comments about this guide to QuestionPoint feedback.


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