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Description of the administrative module

Learn about how the WorldCat Admin module is used to customize, integrate, and control FirstSearch.

Purpose of the administrative module

The administrative module helps you:

  • Customize FirstSearch to meet the needs of your users and staff
  • Integrate FirstSearch with your library services
  • Control FirstSearch costs for your library

Which FirstSearch account does the administrative module affect?

The authorization bar, a gray bar located below the main menu on each administrative module screen, contains the authorization number and OCLC symbol for your FirstSearch account. Changes made in the administrative module affect the use of that account.

If you have multiple FirstSearch accounts, the authorization number in the bar reminds you of the account for which you are viewing or changing settings. To view or change the settings for another account, you must log on to the administrative module using the authorization number and administrative password for that account.

About help

Help for the administrative module enables you to use the module more efficiently and effectively. Help has the following characteristics:

  • Help button on each screen. Help is context sensitive. Each module screen has a Help button that you can click to view a help topic related to the screen. Some screens also have question mark ( ?) symbols that link to specific help for the associated field or function.
  • Separate window. Help appears in a window separate from the administrative module so you can view module screens and help together.
  • Context sensitive. Help is context sensitive. Each module screen has a Help link and button that you can click to view a help topic related to the screen. The link and button are located above the main menu on each screen.
  • Searchable. To search for Help topics, type your search word or words in the Search box at the top of the screen, then click Search Help. You may also search within Help by typing your search word or words in the Find Help Topics box at the top of any Help topic, and then clicking the Search button.
  • Table of contents. Click Help Topics at the top of any help topic to go to the table of contents for help.
  • Printable. Help lets you print each individual help topic or all topics together. To print an individual topic, press the keys used in your browser software to print a Web page. For example, in the Windows version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, press CTRL+P.

When do administrative module changes take effect in FirstSearch?

Administrative module changes take effect in the FirstSearch service as soon as you save changes for a module screen. The saved changes do not affect users who are currently logged on, but do affect users who log on after you save the changes.

How to ensure that your settings are saved correctly

To ensure that your administrative module settings are saved and applied correctly:

  • Save any changes that you make on a screen before you move to another screen. If you do not save the changes, they will be lost when you leave the screen.
  • Do not use your browser's Back or Forward buttons to move from one screen to another. Use only the options and links on the main menu and screens.
  • After you click an option or link, wait for the system to complete its response before you click another.
  • Do not use any browser buttons or commands except Print. If you use other browser buttons or commands, your session may end. If it does, any unsaved changes will be lost.

A printed record of your settings

You may want to print each screen when you start using the administrative module. A printed record of your administrative module settings will help you answer questions and plan changes. Whenever you change the settings on a screen, you can print it to keep your records up-to-date.

You can also click the Print Your Settings link at the top of every screen to print the settings for one or more screens at the same time.

How to comment about the administrative module

To comment about the administrative module, click the Comments link or button located above the main menu on each screen. OCLC welcomes your comments about any aspect of the administrative module. Your comments will help improve the module for all users.

Recommended browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer

As of June 6, 2004, access to the WorldCat Services Administrative Module will be limited to users with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. JavaScript must be enabled to use the administrative module.

Internet Explorer is available for downloading at Microsoft's Internet Explorer Downloads page.

Requirements for viewing in Japanese or Chinese

We recommend the use of a Japanese or Chinese (simplified or traditional) operating system to correctly display administrative module error messages and features.

A Unicode (UTF-8 encoding) font is required for workstation display of CJK vernacular data. 

Timeout of the administrative module

If you do not select an option on the main menu or save a change for 30 minutes while using the administrative module, your session ends automatically. If your session ends automatically, any changes saved during the session are preserved and any unsaved changes are lost. You must log on again to begin a new session.

This automatic timeout feature helps prevent unauthorized changes if you stop using the module without exiting and someone else uses the computer.