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Full text

Learn how to view full text online, limit searches to full text and navigate the full text screen in FirstSearch.

View full text online

If full text is available for a record, the Full text button (Full text icon) and a full-text link appear in both the brief and detailed records. Full text may be available for only some of the records rather than all in a database that displays the icon. The full-text link indicates the format of the full-text file:

full-text link format
View Full Text in HTML format Text prepared for viewing on a Web page.
View Full Text in PDF format Image of the printed page(s).
View Full Text at CatchWord Select a format from the CatchWord dialogue (Catchword is an electronic publishing and distribution service).
View Full Text on remote site Full text is available from a remote Internet site.

To access full text, click the Full text button (Full text icon) or the full-text link from the title of the resource.

The PDF, Catchword, or Remote Internet full-text options open with a timer indicating the number of minutes remaining in your FirstSearch session.

When an HTML document opens in your browser window, the timer is not displayed.

You have a maximum of 45 minutes to view full text before your FirstSearch session times out. If your session times out, you must log in again to return to FirstSearch.

To return to the results screen before timeout, click the Return button (firstsearch-return-button.gif) at the top of the full text screen. For HTML, use the Navigation menu links or your browser's back button.

If you have difficulties accessing full text, you may need to download a plugin or the required viewer. See the Related topics below for more information on required plugins and viewers.

Link to full text from a table of contents

The full-text icon link also features links to a table of contents that may link to the full text of the article. A table of contents is presented when an exact match cannot be made, but the journal issue containing the article is available from FirstSearch.

At times, unexpected results may occur . Please be aware of these possibilities:

  • Some journals may offer full text for only a selection rather than all of the articles within a specific issue. Therefore a requested full text article may not be listed on the table of contents that FirstSearch presents.
  • A link may lead to the full text of a different article in another database if data entry errors occur in the citation.
  • There is sometimes a delay of several weeks in linking the most recent full text articles to their corresponding citations in abstract and index databases.

Print and email full text

The FirstSearch print and e-mail functions provide options for printing and e-mailing most full-text files. Click the Print button (Print button) or Email button (Email button) at the top of the screen to access these functions.

When accessing full text in a viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or RealPage, use the print function for the viewer instead of your browser's print function.

Your options to view, print, or e-mail will depend on your FirstSearch administrator's settings. See the Reference Department at your library for further information.

Limit a search by full text

Databases that offer full text online for selected or all resources are flagged on the List Databases by Topic screen with the full text button (Full text button). In these databases, you can limit the results of a search to full text resources by selecting the Full text checkbox in the Limit to: section. Your list of results will include only those articles that you can immediately access online. Each full text record will specify the available format.

The Full Text screen

The Full Text screen displays the complete text of an article or table of contents. Use your browser's scroll bars to scroll through the text. The following options are available on the Full Text screen.

click to for more information, see
Link Pickup button
Link Pickup
Copy a link for an article, create a bibliography or list, or e-mail the link information to yourself. Availability of this option will vary. See your librarian for further information. Providing links to articles
Email button
Email the complete text of this article to a specified email address. Emailing records
Print button
Reformat the screen to print the complete text using your browser's print function. Printing records
Translate button
Access Select Translation Service, a program offered by Linguistic Systems, Inc., for full text translations. Using translation services
Return button
Return to the previous screen.  

Full text password

Type your password in the Full Text Password: field and click Enter. Contact the Reference Department at your library for information on new or lost passwords.