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Perform a basic search

Learn how to perform a basic search in FirstSearch.

Perform a basic search

  1. Select a database from the Search in database drop-down list.
  2. Enter one or more search terms in any of the following index form fields:
     Note: If you are searching for an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotes.
    • Keyword - Includes information from Authors, Titles, Subjects, Notes, and ISBNs. Use this index if you are unsure of the correct title or subject.
    • Author - Includes authors of books, actors and directors of movies, and company names.
    • Title - Includes words from the title and translated or variant forms of titles.
    • ISBN - Includes publishing industry standard 10- or 13-digit identifiers for books, videos, and sound recordings.
    • Year - This index can be searched for an individual year or for ranges of years.
       Note: It cannot be searched without at least one other index.
  3. Click Search.

Examples of a basic search

You are looking for: try using the terms: in this index:
the effectiveness of natural herbs when taken to prevent the common cold. "common cold" AND natural

"common cold" AND herbs
all publications using The Owl and the Pussycat as a title the owl and the pussycat title
anything written by John Easton (browse the author index to check for name variations before searching) easton john
(Enter last name first. Use the Advanced Search for common last names.)