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I need to do a comparison in Firebase for Capira but am not sure how?

  • You are having trouble making a comparison in Firebase
Applies to
  • CapiraMobile
  • CapiraMobile with Staff Dashboard
Getting Started
  1. Navigate to the and sign in with your account information, which you provided when creating your Firebase instance or when filling out your Cognito form.
    (Your account has "Owner" access to the project, meaning you have access to all features and functionality.)
  2. Select your project from under "Recent projects" or from under "All Firebase projects"
  3. Once you have navigated to the project's dashboard, expand "Analytics" under "Product categories".
  4. Under the "Analytics" tab you just expanded, select "Dashboard" or "Realtime Analytics".
    • "Dashboard" will take you to the Analytics | Dashboard. Note: It may take up to 24 hours before analytics are displayed on the Analytics | Dashboard.
    • "Realtime Analytics" will take you to Analytics | Realtime. Note: Here the analytics displayed should be realtime.


Setting Up Comparisons

Note: Adding comparisons is not permanent and will need to be performed each time you observe (click into) a metric.

  1. On the "Dashboard" (i.e., your Analytics | Dashboard), select any metric you would like to refine or see greater detail of (e.g., "View realtime", "View app versions", etc.).

  2. Within a metric, select the "Add comparison" tool.
  3. Selecting on the "Add comparison" tool will cause the "Build comparison" tool to pop out of the right side of the screen.
  4. To compare Android vs. iOS, fill out the "Build comparison" tool with the appropriate information:
    1. For iOS:
      1. Dimension: Operating system
      2. Match Type: contains
      3. Value: iOS
    2. For Android:
      1. Dimension: Operating system
      2. Match Type: contains
      3. Value: Android
    3. Note: If you want to compare Android vs. iOS, then you will need to do both a and b of step 4.
  5. Select on the "Apply" button, which is located towards the bottom right side of the screen.
  6. After adding each comparison, you should be able to see the breakdown in the metric you are observing. An example of comparing Android vs. iOS for "App version" is shown below:
  7. Additional comparisons can be created by following steps similar to those above.


Additional Information

For additional information on Firebase, see Google's documentation.

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