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How can I add an additional museum pass or thing in MuseumKey or LendingKey?

Applies to
  • MuseumKey
  • LendingKey

In the staff console, navigate to Museum or Thing to view and manage your collection. At the top of the screen, you can Add.

For MuseumKey, you can:

  •  Add a museum of the existing list, which will include museum information, artwork and closing dates (when applicable)
  • Create your own, which will have generic artwork and can be manually modified
  • Request a museum not available on the list, which will be added to our database and available to download in 24-48 hours with museum information, artwork and closing dates (when applicable)

For LendingKey, you can:

  • Add a thing, by adding name and choosing an existing image or category
  • You may request additional images or categories to be added, which be available within 24-48 hours

Once a museum or thing record is created, you must create an item associated with the record. Under Items, you can Add. You must indicate which branch the item belongs to (if you have multiple locations) and the item
number. We recommended using the item ID barcode number if possible or a simple sequence (i.e. Copy 1, Copy 2, etc..).

Additional information

If you have the ILS circulation integration enabled, the item number must be the item ID barcode number in order to be created.

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