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Elements allow you to customize your library's CapiraMobile app and the information that is available to patrons.

The Element options help you customize various aspects of your CapiraMobile app. Use elements to adjust what options are available for patron accounts, where content is located and how it is connected, which colors and images are set, and more.

Available element options - Image
  • Pickup locations
    Discover how to configure and manage your library's pickup locations.
  • Branches
    Discover how to contact OCLC to have a branch added or removed, and how to update the information associated with a branch.
  • Options
    Discover how to update various options that patrons will see throughout the app.
  • Carousels
    Discover how to add and manage carousels.
  • Screens and buttons
    Discover how to create custom screens and buttons to help guide patrons seamlessly through the app.
  • Styles
    Discover how to use styles to customize the appearance of the app.
  • Alerts/Notifications
    Discover how to work with alerts and alert types.